Tags are for grouping purposes. You can create & assign tags for

  1. Contact
  2. Message
  3. Media
  4. Broadcast (In Development)

Contact Tags

You can categorize customers with the help of different tags. You can identify them later when they message you again or filter them in the dashboard.

The best use cases of Contact Tags are:

  1. Create a “Lead” tag and assign it to the person who is a potential lead for your business.
  2. Create a “Priority” tag for your loyal customers so you know you need to serve them first.
  3. Create an “Open” tag for a customer who has an open ticket/issue with your services.

Message Tags

When a customer sends a message and you want to save it, you can do it by clicking on the “Save” button at the end of the message. While doing this, you will be asked for a “tag” to assign. You can filter messages based on assigned tags from AdminPanel.

The best use cases of Message Tags are:

  1. Create an “Address” tag and assign it to the message which contains a customer’s address.
  2. Create a “Feedback” or “Complaint” tag and assign it to the messages sent by customers.

Media Tags

You can also save the media sent by customers and assign tags. When you download the media from the WhatsApp Web, WhatsHash will first download it to your computer and ask to assign a tag. After selecting the tag, WhatsHash will upload it back to the dashboard and save a copy of that media with the assigned tag.

The best use cases of Media Tags are:

  1. Create a “Selfie” tag and assign it to the selfies sent by customers.
  2. Create a “Dance” or “Song” tag and assign it to the videos & photos sent by contest participants.

With the help of Media Tag, you will be able to save images, videos, audio, and pdfs.

Now, as shown in the below screenshot, you can filter those messages, media, or contacts from the AdminPanel. You can export those data as well.