This article will guide you in syncing the WhatsHash contacts you have generated in WhatsHash with your phone.

You need a WhatsHash mobile application installed on your phone where you want to sync all the contacts.

If you haven't downloaded WhatsHash on your phone yet, visit

Or you can 

  • Go to Play/App Store and search for WhatsHash
  • Install the application and Sign in to your WhatsHash account
  • Click on the Contacts icon Under the CRM

  • You will see all the contacts which are available in your WhatsHash account. 
  • Click on the Sync icon at the top right corner.

  • Click on the "Continue" button and Your Sync operation will begin.

  • The application will ask for permission to access Contacts on your device. Please accept the permission so that the app can proceed further. 

  • Now the application will gather all required information and begin the operation.

  • This will take some time. Wait for some time and you will see the status of contacts being synchronized.

  • You will see the completion message once all the contacts are synchronized. All these contacts will be saved on your device’s local memory.

Congratulations, All your WhatsHash contacts are now available on your mobile device too.

Whenever you have new contacts on your WhatsHash Web, you can sync them again to your phone by following the same steps again.