WhatsHash provides you an option where you can save your WhatsApp text communication to your WhatsHash account automatically. Please follow this article to understand how you can configure it.

First of all, this feature is available only in Paid Plans only. So if you are using the Free Plan, you have to upgrade your account to any paid plan. 

Enable Auto Save Chat option

AutoSave Conversation option is available under My Biz settings in the WhatsHash admin panel. Open WhatsHash admin panel from my.whatshash.com and go to My Biz > Info

Enable the AutoSave Chats option to activate Auto synchronization of your WhatsApp chats. You have to keep chatting to your customer via WhatsHash Extension, and only that conversation will be synced. 

Now download our chrome extension to start syncing your chats with WhatsHash. You can download and install the Chrome Extension from here.

Click on Add to chrome, and it will be added to your chrome browser.

Go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ and connect your WhatsApp number so that you can start your WhatsApp communication. You will see the WhatsHash panel on the right or left side of the screen. Please login to your WhatsHash account so that you can start using all the features available in WhatsHash.

Congratulations, now your WhatsApp communication will be automatically saved in your WhatsHash account too.

Disclaimer: Only the communications will be available in the WhatsHash account you have done using the Chrome Extension. Communication outside chrome extension [In Mobile WhatsApp App] will not be available until you use your WhatsApp with Chrome Extension. Also, this feature will only save Text Communication

View Sync Chats:

Go to your WhatsHash AdminPanel and visit CRM > Messages > Chats.

Click on any contact, and you will be able to see all the saved messages. And you can download the chat by clicking on the Export button at the top right corner.

You can reach us anytime at support@whatshash.com if you have any queries in WhatsHash.